Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I have to enter?

Submissions now close February 10, 2013 at 11:59pm EST—make sure you leave time to upload all your assets!


Does it cost anything to enter?

No! This challenge is free to enter and there are free trials and downloads of recommended tools available.


So what is it that I need to submit?

This contest is just for app designs, no coding or functionality is needed—just the app idea’s name, its visual presentation in up to five images and a detailed description. Try starting by describing how the app meets one of the categories.


Is the challenge open to students?

Yes, the challenge is open to anyone who is creative and has great ideas, as long as you’re 18 or older when you enter.


I’m not 18 but I design apps, can I still enter?

You must be 18 or older to register on this site and enter the competition. However, design teams are free to enter collectively, so you could form a team with a parent and have them attribute you properly in the Credits field when they register and submit.


Can I submit my app idea to other competitions?

Of course!


I don’t live in the United States, can I still enter?

Yes, this is an international competition and is open to designers and audiences worldwide. However all entry materials need to be provided in English.


I don’t live in the United States. and my country isn’t eligible for the Dev Center coupon, can I still enter?

Yes, this is a global challenge for designers 18 years and older. However, the Dev Center subscription prize is only available to entrants in these countries.


Can I submit more than one app design?

Yes, you can submit as many app designs as you want, but only one per person can be chosen as a winner and/or finalist.


I submitted an app design to Fast Track to the Mobile App last year, can I enter the same app?

Yes, you can enter a previously submitted app, but the design must be significantly and recognizably different from last year’s entry. Take advantage of the Lightning Design Reviews and Boot Camp videos to help improve your designs.


Can I submit a design for an app I already launched in the Windows Phone Store?

Yes, but the new design must be a significant overhaul of the design and integrated through the entire app (not just a new feature). Make sure to include a link to the original app and version number in your entry description.


I’m not a developer, do I need to know how to code?

No, this is a design challenge and entries are only required to have images of key screens from your app idea. You can also use the designer-friendly SketchFlow to further mock up your design.


Can I enter without using SketchFlow or Expression Blend?

Yes, you can submit entries without using SketchFlow or Expression Blend. They are available as tools to make designing your app easier, but you can still use Photoshop or hand-drawn sketches if that’s your MO.


I created my project in SketchFlow, how do I make a .xap of it?

SketchFlow has a Package SketchFlow Project feature that creates a folder with all the related files in it (File > Package SketchFlow Project…). Open that folder and select the .xap (Silverlight) file to upload with your entry.


I created my project in SketchFlow, how do I make a .pdf of it?

SketchFlow has an export to Microsoft Word feature (File > Export to Microsoft Word…) which will export and convert your project to a Word document that you can edit and then re-export as a .pdf file to upload with your entry.


When will the winners be announced?

The App to the Future winners and finalists will be announced in early March both on this site and on, so stay tuned!


When will I be notified if I’m a winner?

Potential winners will contacted by Core77 within one to three weeks from the end of the Entry Period and no later than March 1, 2013. (All winners will need to sign an affidavit of eligibility, and a liability/publicity release.)